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Our Summer Camp Bucket List

Summer is in full swing! Last week we shared our Essential Packing List for Summer Camp—all of the things you need to bring from home to get the most out of your time at Pine Brook. This week, we want to share our Summer Bucket List with you! Here are 11 things we think you should do at Camp this summer!

  1. Spend time with God

  2. Get to know your counselor

  3. Jump into the pond from the dock

  4. Sing a silly Camp song

  5. Play a game of spoons

  6. Make a new friend

  7. Participate in an all Camp game

  8. Get a snack from the store

  9. Pray with another camper

  10. Learn a memory verse

  11. Have a fantastic, exciting, unforgettable week!

This is our bucket list for the 2023 summer season, but it only begins to cover some of the exciting things to do at Camp. What would you add to your bucket list?

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