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Entry Fee and Deadline:

  • Registration is $50 per team regardless of how many players you have.

  • All teams must be registered no later than TBA                                                                                                    Call: 413-367-2643 or Email: to register.                                                                                    You may also print and mail a registration form here!


  • Youth division ages 12-17

  • Adult division ages 18 and up

  • All divisions are co-ed

  • If you wish to make a mixed team made up of youth and adults then you                                                                                  will have to play in the adult division.


  1. Each team may have between 3-5 players on their roster. All games must start with three players, however a lesser number may complete the game. Additions and/or changes of players will not be permitted after the start of the first game. The games will be played on an outdoor court.

  2. Each team is allowed one 1- minutes and one 20-second time out. Unlimited substitution is permitted but may only occur during a dead ball.

  3. A five minute forfeit time will be strictly enforced.

  4. Flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct will result in a forfeiture and dismissal from the tournament.

  5. Games will be to 15 points, win by two or 25 minutes whichever comes first. Each basket counts as one point, except for baskets made from beyond the two point line.

  6. The ball will change possession after scored baskets. No make it, take it.

  7. Court monitors will be on site to ensure that all games begin on time, interpret rules, keep score, and settle disputes. However it is call your own fouls. The monitor is there only to oversee any controversies.

  8. The ball must be “taken back” beyond the 2 point line on each change of possession. Failure to “take it back” will result in a loss of possession and no point will be awarded.

  9. A coin clip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball at the top of the key first.

  10. If a player is fouled on a shot and makes the basket the point is awarded and the ball changes possession. No And-1.


 * A complete list of the rules will be available at the tournament.

Check In:

  • All registered teams must check in. Check in will begin at 8:30pm.


  • Spectators of all ages are welcome throughout the event. A concessions area will be open featuring a variety of food, snacks, and drinks. 

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