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Comfort Zones

So far, Summer Camp 2022 has been an absolute blast! As a staff, we spend all year planning and praying over our summer programs, and they arrive in a whirlwind.

It is such a joy to watch the kids experience the fun of Camp! It is also a joy to watch them learn more about their Savior and how they can grow in their relationship with Him. Through their daily games and Bible lessons, our campers have been focusing on our summer theme—Thrive. 

One thing (out of many) that makes Camp such a fantastic place is that it is a safe and supportive environment to push outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. We often need to do this to Thrive in a true sense. Thriving isn’t remaining stagnantly in one place; it requires you to test your boundaries as you move towards something even better! Our kids are getting a glimpse of this as they move throughout their days here at Camp. Whether it’s trying a new skill and conquering a fear (ropes course) or asking their counselors questions about God, these kids are truly starting to thrive.

We hope you will continue to support Camp by praying over our campers, volunteers, and staff throughout the rest of the summer! No matter where you are, your prayers are felt right here in Shutesbury!

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