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June Update

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Dear Friends of Pine Brook Camp,

Perhaps you have already heard from social media, email or a friend the sad news that I am about to share. Due to the Corona Virus and the regulations required to operate a summer camp during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are forced to cancel all summer programming at Pine Brook Camp this season. Please take a moment to read the statement below from our Board of Directors:

“The Pine Brook Executive Board Members met Monday evening and prayerfully assessed the most current information provided by Governor Charlie Baker and his staff regarding the phased re-opening of Massachusetts from Covid-19. At this time, the Board does not feel that it is appropriate for Pine Brook camp to schedule and conduct its traditional summer programs for 2020. We certainly want to see the youth and staff be blessed by summer camp through spirit-led mentoring and activities but do not see this as a suitable option for us this year. Please know we are praying for you, the camp staff and the camper families as we journey through these times together. Blessings, Pine Brook Camp Board of Directors”

As a staff we are saddened by the current environment not allowing us to connect with our campers this summer. We value and love each camper that we serve. This is a huge disappointment to all our full time staff and summer volunteers. We know that this is the right course of action for our program and we look forward to connecting with our campers in the near future.

As restrictions relax we hope to find new ways of connecting with those who are part of the Pine Brook family. Our year-round youth ministry is still looking to launch this fall and we are excited to see how God will use Fusion in the lives of teens and young adults.

In the meantime, we still have financial needs to be met. We have been approved for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). This will help with some expenses, but will not meet our full need for the 2020 season. Currently we are working on what that financial gap is going to look like so we can be more specific going forward. Also, the EIDL is a loan and is currently not forgivable. Therefore, we know that this is going to have an impact upon our regular monthly budget by approximately $650 per month. This increase is based upon a 2.75% interest rate over 30 years. It was not Pine Brook’s intent on increasing our debt load, in fact we have been working extremely hard and had been making great progress over the past few years to eliminate extra debt. Please pray for us in this regard.

While all this is disappointing, we are thankful that we are able to survive this crisis and move forward. There have been other camps and ministries that have not. We are thankful for God’s provision and His sovereignty. We believe that during this time we will be able to reconnect with churches, camp alumni and guest groups. We operate in faith that God will use this in a mighty way and for His purposes.

Thank you for your prayers, ongoing support and encouragement during this time.


Kevin R Williams & the Pine Brook Staff

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