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Bringing Camp Home

Have you ever pitched a tent (or a blanket fort) in your living room? It’s an activity many of us have done with our families as we attempt to recreate the excitement of a camping adventure from the safety and comfort of our own homes. What if we told you there are ways to even bring Pine Brook home with you?

At Camp, whether you are here for a full week or just a weekend retreat, you are presented with opportunities that you might not get in the real world. You are surrounded by staff, friends, volunteers, and more who are committed to encouraging and challenging you in your Christian walk. You have tons of space and fresh air as you run around playing games or exploring the beauty of New England woods. Even the delicious meals that are prepared for you while you are here might include recipes you don’t always have.

These are just a handful of the things that make a stay at Pine Brook such an exciting thing to look forward to throughout the year. However, we don’t want to keep all of that excitement to ourselves. Throughout the next several weeks we will be sharing ways to bring Camp home with you. We will be sharing activities, Scriptures, recipes, and other bits of information that will allow you to capture some of the best parts of Camp at home without needing to wait all the way until summer to experience them. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for our post next Friday as we dive right into Bringing Camp Home.

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