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The Essential Packing List for Camp

Getting ready to attend Camp this summer? We thought we would share some of our tips for what you should bring with you! Whether you're getting ready to spend a week or a weekend at Pine Brook, here is our essential packing list of what to bring to have an unforgettable experience:

  1. Curiosity: There is SO much to see and learn about at Camp! It's a chance to learn more about God, yourself, friendship, and nature! Be sure to bring your curiosity to Camp this summer so you can engage with it all!

  2. A sense of adventure: Some of the activities at Camp might require you to push out of your comfort zone—this is why you need to pack your sense of adventure! Whether it's for trying a new skill, like canoeing or our ropes course, or making new friends, a sense of adventure and willingness to jump in will help make your time at Camp incredible!

  3. Kindness: Be sure to bring your kindness with you—it's even more important than bug spray! Bringing your kindness will make spending time with your fellow campers easier and will help you make the kinds of lifelong friends that Camp is known for.

  4. Excitement: Camp is such an exciting place! There are games! There are new friends! There's great music and time to worship together! You definitely don't want to leave your excitement at home.

If you remember to pack all of these things (and also your sunscreen, a towel, and your pillow), we are confident you will have a great time at Camp this summer! We can't wait for you to be here!

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