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Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life - it provides for: Skill & Physical Development

“I never built a fire before this.” “I never got the chance to shoot a bow.” “Mr. Kevin, this was my first time on a canoe.” These are just a few of the statements that I have heard from campers over the years. I have had kids run up to me proudly showing off their woodworking craft or insisting that I try a cupcake that they decorated. New skills are a part of Pine Brook’s DNA.

It is easy to find ourselves in a rut. Even as young children and teens it is easy to only have a few normal experiences, while there are literally thousands to be had. We typically find ourselves involved in the activities that are routine. If you grew up like me out in the country, paddling a canoe, catching a fish and building a fort were all part of everyday life. Many children don’t grow up in an environment that affords them these kind of experiences. Building a campfire, balancing on a cable, crossing the ropes course and canoeing are all new. They are great new experiences that teach invaluable skills.

Not only are many skills taught, but many camp activities help develop physical strengths as well. Balance, endurance and coordination are all put into practice when young people get off the couch and into the active outdoors. There is something special when young people are interacting with their natural surroundings. Crossing a log over a stream is different than the padded balance beam at the park or gym. Running through the woods is a very different experience than running on a track or treadmill. We are Gods creation, meant to live in His creation. Being out in the wild not only allows us the time to learn new skills, but invites our spirits to enjoy His great gift of creation.

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