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Beyond Summer Camp

So often when we talk to people and share that we run a summer camp the next question is “what do you do the rest of the year?” Well, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get camp off the ground for the next season. Some of these things include finding speakers, picking themes, organizing materials, marketing, catching up with the latest in government regulations, facility maintenance and program development. While camp season is a clear ministry of Pine Brook the ongoing ministry is really about the relationships that are formed over the summer and continue to make a difference in the lives of campers.

Yesterday, I spoke with one of our campers on the phone.  He shared about the involvement of one of our staff volunteers in his life. I want to share their story with you, because it was such an encouragement to me and is a true representation of the ongoing ministry at Pine Brook Camp. 

As I listened to this camper, he told me of his mom taking ill and about her ongoing health issues. He was talking to one of his camp counselors and sharing that his mom was in the hospital. Our staff volunteer asked if he could help in any way. The camper asked if he could get a ride to the hospital. The counselor obliged and gave him a ride. What was truly impressive was that he didn’t just provide a ride and leave, he waited at the hospital for our camper to be done with his visit. After, they went out to have lunch with each other. During this time they discussed life, God and personal struggles. THIS is ministry! THIS is camp! It is about the relationships that go far beyond the summer camp experience. You see, summer camp is only a catalyst that allows real relationships to develop. Ministry happens life-on-life, ministry is relationships. I’m thankful for volunteers that see opportunities to serve Christ by loving and serving others. This is Pine Brook year-round. 

Because we see our ministry beyond July and August, Pine Brook Camp is in the process of developing a year-round ministry known as Fusion. Fusion will be a teen based discipleship program that will help facilitate more life-on-life interaction like the story above. 

Please consider making a donation in the link below, to support the ministry of Pine Brook Camp that goes beyond the mosquitoes of summer to every season of the year! 

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