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Recently I was talking with a friend who was telling me about their family pre-Covid. They were working different shifts and their kids had busy schedules. In fact, between transporting kids to programs and work they hardly saw one another. Covid changed that. Her work was shut down completely for a while and his work slowed down to fewer shifts. Suddenly they found themselves together as a family once again. In that pace of life prior to Covid, I’m not sure how often they ever sat around the dining room table together. After seeing the positive impact of that time with family they actually took measures to implement this new schedule as a part of their lives. They even went so far as to change jobs and hire help at another job so that they could continue this new pattern.

What would family be like if we all took inventory of our schedules to see what really takes priority in our lives? The truth is, we make time for what we hold dear to us. If Covid has taught us one thing, it is that family is important. However, we take our wives, husbands, parents and even children for granted. For most of us we place a high value on our family and kids, but the business of life can crowd out that which is really, really important to us. We sacrifice what is best, while we seek out the rest.

Maybe, like the family I mentioned above you have found yourself with a little extra time with the family. If this is you, I would encourage you to not take this time for granted. Look for ways of connecting as a family. Look for ways to encourage this as a life practice going forward. If your schedule hasn’t slowed down due to Covid, I would still encourage you to find time to come together as a family and enjoy all the time you can with your loved ones.

Here is a great way to get a start with finding that family time:

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