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Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life because it enables: Independence

When my wife and I were still in college we were engaged and working to put together enough money to take a honeymoon. We had both taken jobs at a nursing home and got certified as nursing assistants. It was tough work and at times heartbreaking work. It was also rewarding as each of us got to know the residents and listen to their life stories and advice. One piece of advice Janet received from a woman she was working with was: “Don’t raise your kids to be obedient, good children, raise your kids to be good adults.” She went on to explain that our kids are only with us for a little while, but by design they go on to being independent adults. We never forgot that advice and actually tried to implement that into our own parenting style.

I share this because, in our series, Summer is just a season, but Summer Camp is for life, one of the great investments that you make in your child when you send them off to camp is the value of independence.

Independence is important. It allows your child to begin to discover themselves. It helps them learn to deal with conflict on their own, and work through situations with the guidance of someone other than mom and dad. It allows them the opportunity to work through fears or anxieties on their own. It also allows them to see that they can conquer challenges and are capable of more than what they thought they were.

Learning to be independent is an important step in growing up. It is a critical skill in adulthood. Knowing how to function in a family, a group and team is vital. Equally as important, is learning how to live life independently with confidence and poise. Summer camp helps to instill this critical life tool in your child. It enables them to become self - sufficient and productive adults.

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