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Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life!

The other day as I was thinking about camp and reflecting on our time in ministry here, I was reminded of past campers, Clime Team members and volunteers that we have had the privilege of working with. Then a phrase came to my mind: “Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life.” With that, I instantly knew what my next several posts needed to be about.

This is so true! If you have been to Pine Brook either as a camper, a staff volunteer or CLIME Team member you can echo this statement. Summer camp changed you. You came home from camp a different person. I realize that this can be said about many different activities and areas in our lives, but I feel that it is particularly true of Christian camps.

Today in our culture there are many things that are calling out for our attention, our time and our money. Many of these things can be good. However, not all of these things are equivalent to the investment that is made. Christian camping is a lifelong investment in our children, in our communities and in our churches. Over the next several posts, I will be sharing what I feel, are just a few of the investments made in our young people when we realize, Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life!

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