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Every year, We look forward to the community that comes with camp each summer. Campers, guest groups, volunteers, and more come together to form a family for the summer. This community is refreshing as it is not something we might get as much throughout the year. 

This week at Camp, we have both Day Camp and family camp running. During the day. At Day Camp, our youngest groups of campers get to experience what it means to work together; pray together; and share community. Our family groups who are staying overnight in the cabins are experiencing this within their own families and as they form friendships with and bond with the other families who are here. 

Gathering in Christian community is a gift and also an instruction from God. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” This gathering is a tool God has given us as a means to thrive. 

Getting this community that we crave and that God desires us to have with each other accomplishes many things. 

  1. It helps to strengthen our faith. Being surrounded by other Christians helps to strengthen our own faith as we see others living their lives for Christ.

  2. It encourages our spirit. Through prayer and care for one another, gathering with others can be a source of encouragement to our spirits. 

  3. It helps us to live more fully. We were created to live in community with others, and having these relationships provides a richness to our lives that we wouldn’t otherwise get.

All of these reasons, and more, point to the importance of gathering together. If you feel like you need more of this in your life, there are several ways you can go about it. Join a small group at your church, Come to a week of summer camp (or Fusion Fellowship year round at Pine Brook), or even invite a friend for a walk and spend some time in conversation and prayer. Community is one of the most life-giving gifts God has given us.  

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