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“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1 (NIV)

Something I have noticed lately is how many people are outside. Whenever I drive by the parking area of a local hiking trail or waterfall, there are few, if any parking places open. People are going back outdoors. This is wonderful. This summer I saw families playing outside in their lawns together. We allow people to hike on camp’s back trails and we often see families out for walks on these trails. This summer, outdoor shops sold out of mountain bikes and kayaks. People had time and the desire to get back outdoors.

This is good because creation proclaims God’s glory. The rivers, the trees, the animals, rocks, hills and mountains all point to our Creator. Right now, Covid has people outside. It also has people questioning life, the meaning of life and their ambitions in life. For anyone paying attention, Covid has created the perfect environment for us to seek and find God. I’m not talking about some “new age” or “mystical” finding god. I’m talking about the fact that God’s creation points to a Creator. It shows us the character of God. It shows us His creativity, organization, love and majesty.

Now is a perfect time to get your kids outside. Point out that beautiful sunset, sparkling river or silly red squirrel. Notice the birds, the newts, wild turkeys and deer. Take these times to point out God’s hand in all of this to your children. Make them keenly aware of God’s wonderful creation. But even more, allow them to know that as much time and attention that God has placed on these wondrous things, mankind was his crowning creation. Let your kids know that they are not just a by-product of evolution, but a wonderful creation, crafted and created in the image of a wonderful God.

No better way to enjoy God’s creation than at camp with the whole family:

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