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Summer is just a season, but summer camp is for life because it brings: Good Friends

You can’t set a price on good friends! Friends that stick with you through thick and thin are of such great value. I once saw a Facebook post that said “There can be many friends in our circle, but a true friend is in your corner.” How accurate! We have many people in our lives that we call friends, but there are usually only a handful that are in our corner when the blows of life start to hit. Good friends can be hard to find. I know many people that have discovered their true life friends at summer camp.

Camp is a special place where you find new people that become a part of your life. The environment of Pine Brook Camp is what makes those friends so special. It’s the shared memories, the silly stories and the antics of inside jokes and little pranks pulled on counselors or bunkmates. Perhaps it is the fact that both people were at a special place where they shared not only in activities, but personal thoughts and feelings. It is an environment where they can open up with one another and allow themselves to be vulnerable by sharing in a cabin group or team, praying with and for one another and discovering great Spiritual mysteries of the Bible. Whatever it is, it is powerful!

Ask people you know that have experienced camp. Ask them about the friendships they have made. I bet you will find that they are the friends still in their corner.

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